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How to Apply

Contact our Equipment Financing Department by telephone. One of our representatives will be pleased to offer advice in the preparation of your application.
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The Best Way to Finance Equipment

Groupe Financier SOGECAR inc. offers municipalities across Canada advantageous means of financing for all their equipment needs.

Leasing is simple and flexible, allowing municipalities to finance 100% of the value of equipment to be acquired.

Advantages of Leasing

  • Fast authorization procedure
  • Simple and efficient approach
  • Advantageous fixed or variable interest rates
  • Compliance with your operating budgets
  • No capital outlay

Financing Options

  • 1. LOAN BY-LAW

    Capital lease
    Operating lease*
    Conditional sale contract (CSC)*

    * Call for tenders not required for financing.



It is essential to send the submission of your supplier, or a detailed description of the equipment, in order to obtain a proposition of financing, before proceeding the purchase.

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